AJNFF supports youth & education in Miami-Dade County. Please read through the FAQ below before applying to ensure you’re a good fit. Candidates outside our parameters will not be considered.

Education and youth development. Applicants focusing in other areas will not be considered.
All LOIs for 2017 grants must be submitted by Sept 30, 2017.
AJNFF exclusively makes project-based grants. All grants are made to fund specific projects. AJNFF does not contribute to annual funds or capital campaigns. AJNFF prefers to be the exclusive funder of the projects it collaborates on.
Applicants submit a brief LOI outlining their project. If AJNFF staff considers the project to be a good fit, applicants are invited to submit a complete application. AJNFF staff then arranges a meeting with applicants under consideration.
AJNFF prefers strongly to work directly with project leaders & organizers. Staff does not meet with fundraising or development teams. Applicants who involve development members in the application and/or meeting process will be hindered.
Yes. Applicants outside of the County will not be considered.

Have you read our FAQ? Click here to apply.

Have you read our FAQ?


Please note – LOIs for 2017 grants must be received by Sept 30, 2017.