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Children’s Home Society

2016 Grantee: Children's Home Society Project: Recreational art program Amount: $10,000 Focus Area: Education & Community Child abuse is the physical, verbal, or emotional maltreatment of a child. Abuse can leave psychological wounds that are harder to heal than bodily injuries. Children who have suffered abuse may find it challenging to cope [...]

Overtown Youth Center

2016 Grantee: Overtown Youth Center Project: Super Saturday recreation program Amount: $30,000 Focus Area: Community Studies show that a deficiency persists in reading, math and science scores between minorities and their white counterparts despite continual efforts to close it. Studies also show kids are more prone to get involved in risky and [...]

Doing Good Together

2016 Grantee: Doing Good Together Project: Pilot 3 Family Service Fairs in Miami-Dade Count Amount: $35,000 Focus Area: Education Research suggests that if we want our children to be successful, practicing kindness should be high on every family’s to-do list. Yet researchers from the University of Michigan found a startling drop in [...]

Music and the Brain

2016 Grantee: Music and the Brain Project: Expansion into 3 new schools Amount: $30,000 Focus Area: Education When children receive sequential music instruction, it can impact their proficiency in language, reading, math and cognition. But music is under-taught in Miami Dade public schools. And when it is taught, it is often an [...]

Teach for America

2016 Grantee: Teach for America Project: Staff development at new Miami training institute Amount: $42,500 Focus Area: Education TFA M-D is working to ensure that low-income students receive an equitable education. To do so, it recruits outstanding recent college graduates and professionals to teach in underserved communities for two years. New teachers [...]

Miami Science Barge

2016 Grantee: Miami Science Barge Project: Science Boost, a 10-week Saturday family science program Amount: $30,000 Focus Area: Health education The Miami Science Barge is proposing Science Boost, a brand new, immersive weekend science program focused on kids 5-11, the grade levels increasingly identified as the “turning point” in STEM education. This [...]

Health Information Project (HIP)

2016 Grantee: Health Information Project (HIP) Project: Expansion into 3 new schools Amount: $30,000 Focus Area: Health education Since 2008, public high schools in the State of Florida no longer have health education classes due to a change in the graduation requirements. Consequently, the Miami-Dade County School District does not offer health [...]

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